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Update by user Jan 14, 2015

After Escalating the problem to Starkey USA, they gave me a loaner units of the hearing aids only without the surflink, but they didn't deliver it before paying extra fees although they have my hearing aids and my surflink.

As I have no option, I had to pay these expensive fees in order to be able to continue my life.

However, after just one week, the new loaner units suddenly stopped working. I gave them the unit, then as per the agreement that I should have a loaner units until delivering my broken units, they deliver another units again.

it's working now.

But still the requirements of avaialblity of an expert techncians is not implemented, which impact in the support required.

Also, the support of Starkey in USA wasn't responsive for more than month, they didn't respond to any of my mails, and also the shop mails!!!. In general, it's clear that the concept of Warranty in Starkey is not implemented well outside USA, if it were already in place there.

Original review posted by user Dec 13, 2014

As the full detailed information regarding my complaint is very long. So I write here the conclusion of this complaint.


1- Starkey products are not durable:

a. Door of the microphone of the Hearing aid devices are usually muting the microphone, so no hearing can be achieved unless repeating removing these doors, and reinstalling it many times.

b. SurfLink mobile stopped working suddenly after self-proper using for 14 months.

c. The Right Hearing aid device stopped working suddenly after proper using for 14 months also.

2- Starkey representatives in Egypt have no Audiology devices experience or resources:

a. No Experience in fitting hearing devices generally .

b. Weak knowledge in fitting the new technology introduced in the WI Series specifically.

c. They don’t have well prepared room for fitting purpose, which resulting bad fitting results.

d. No Experience in identifying the root cause of defects occurred.

e. They have no authority to repair the devices by them, instead, they send the devices to Starkey in USA to repair.

3- Starkey doesn’t care about their customers, and therefore, their Representatives in Egypt also:

a. Starkey representatives sites are not in the town center, hence we have to travel more than 70 KM through crowded roads, which is very painful.

b. Although I communicated that there are very negative impact on my business work, No care about these losses, moreover, I have to pay huge amounts for repairing bugs found on these devices!!.

c. Starkey doesn’t provide their representatives the supportive tools that should be provided for any customer for free with their product, like cleaning tools for example.

d. Starkey doesn’t facilitate to their representatives delivering the required products within the required time needed by the customer.

e. Starkey doesn’t facilitate to their representatives repairing the devices in their places instead of sending it to USA to save the customer’s time.

f. Starkey doesn’t care about the customer needs in the duration of maintenance and repairing, and doesn’t provide an alternative devices during repairing period.

g. The hearing devices are not optional for us like cars and Household Appliances, so the warranty type should be absolute satisfaction warranty.

Required action:

1- Ensure delivering the full system immediately and ensure its durability with absolute satisfaction warranty.

2- The full system should include alternative devices to be used during periodic maintenance.

3- Enable us as customers to easily delivering the devices for maintenance.

4- Ensure installing proper fitting room to enhance fitting hearing devices experience.

5- Ensure availability of Experienced Audiologist specialist resources.

Review about: Starkey Hearing Technologies Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: refer to the section of required actions in my complaint, otherwise, full refund should be done..

I liked: There are good sellers.

I didn't like: Have no technical expereince.

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Surf Link Mobile suddenly frize, stopped working while I was on the phone. Now it is impossible to turn on or off.

, screen frozen. This device has been in my possession for only a month. It held great promise, but might just be a hunk of junk.

I have a call into my hearing aid provider to try to get some help.

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